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Sweet Heat Chipotle Sausage, 'Shroom and Pineapple Dinner

Tonight's dinner was pretty tasty and it only took 20 minutes from start to plate!!

1 lb. smoked sausage (your preference) sliced

8oz mushrooms (sliced)

1 can chunked pineapple (drained)

In a skillet on medium high heat, I sautéed my mushrooms in some olive oil spray, added the sausage and cooked this together until starting to brown, then add the drained pineapple until it is hot and starting to brown a little. Keep stirring it.  When everything is browned and hot.  Turn off the heat.  Put enough Sweet Heat Chipotle Sauce in the skillet to coat everything and give it a stir.  Serve over rice.  Easy, healthy, happy!

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